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Below is a list of KFPS Registered Friesians that are currently for sale on behalf of their owners, which are all current or past FHAGBI members. Click here if you are a current/past member and would like to list your Friesian for sale on here and in the quarterly newsletter.

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Zebedee Dakaraz Pantstreimon

KFPS Reg No.
3 years (DOB - 01/06/2015)
Beart 411
Ceredigion, Wales
Posted on
27th May 2018

Zebedee was started off and lightly backed in 2017 by registered Monty Roberts instructor Barry Thomas, based in Pembrokeshire. He lives on a farm and regularly sees tractors, dogs and lorries passing his field.
Zebedee has a kind nature and is ready to school on. Sadly we are not able to do him justice due to a change in our circumstances, hence he is for sale. He enjoys learning new things. He now lives out all year round and although he isn’t usually rugged up as he grows a good winter coat he was rugged up as a foal. He is also used to being stabled and is happy to be on his own.
Zebedee has his hooves regularly trimmed and has travelled in a trailer. He is homebred via AI, and was gelded by a local vet at 12 months.

Siriol Thomas
07583 150712


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