Foal registration

In order for a Friesian foal to be registered with the KFPS, the sire and dam must both be KFPS registered Friesian horses. If the pedigree of the foal contains unregistered Friesian horses not immediately descended from KFPS regsistered stock, then it cannot be registered as a Friesian horse with the KFPS. B-Book I or B-Book II Stallions should not be bred from as their pedigrees will be less than ideal and they and any potential offspring may not meet breed standards.

Additionally, cross breeding is not encouraged or endorsed by the KFPS and cross-bred Friesian horses cannot be registered with the KFPS.


1. Stud service

Each breeding or stud service of a Friesian mare with a Friesian stallion must be registered with the KFPS. Following the registration of a stud service, a digital Birth notification is drawn up by the KFPS for the mare and is available to view/download through your 'MY KFPS' account on the KFPS Website.

2. Birth notification

The Birth notification contains all breeding data as supplied to the KFPS by the stallion keeper. After the birth of the foal this notification can be completed and sent off (digitally) by the owner. The KFPS must receive notification within 14 days of the birth of a foal. On receipt of the notification the owner will receive a confirmation via email and the KFPS will process the Birth confirmation. The foal will be registered in the Preliminary Foalbook (VVR) and the KFPS will send the owner a Birth confirmation form. On receiving a birth notification, the person who is registered with the KFPS as the owner of the foal´s dam at the time of birth will be documented as the breeder.

3. Confirmation of Birth/Identification/Registration

The final part of registering a foal is the completion of the Birth confirmation form, which must be completed by a KFPS official or veterinarian after identification (microchipping) of the foal. Depending on the registry the foal is being entered into, the VBID1 FOALBOOK IDENTIFICATION FORM OR BBID1 B-BOOK IDENTIFICATION FORM must be completed by a veterinarian at the time of microchipping, which must be within six months of birth. Microchipping can be carried out during KFPS examinations/breeding days or by a veterinarian. On receipt of the fully-completed Birth confirmation, the KFPS will issue a Studbook Certificate (for members only) and for European countries an Equine Passport will be issued and forwarded to the owner. The foal will then be entered into the main Foalbook (Veulenboek, Vb) once it has been graded as a foal.

Birth confirmation of foals must be done online through the KFPS website, however if an owner is not in a position to send a Birth notification via email it is possible to ask the KFPS for a paper version of the Birth notification, for which an administration fee must be paid.

In some cases it will be necessary to conduct parentage/lineage verification (via DNA testing) before a foal can be registered. This may apply in cases when the service was not or too late reported to the KFPS, date of service and date of birth are incompatible, the Birth notification form came in too late (foal older than 14 days), presenting the foal for identification was too late (foal older than seven months), etc. Click here for more information on DNA testing.

It is the breeder's sole responsibility to ensure that the foal is fully registered with the KFPS before sale. Please do not sell foals on without all the relevant paperwork in place.

Once the KFPS has received all paperwork and hair samples as appropriate and processed the registration you will be issued with an invoice. This may be paid via FHAGBI or directly to the KFPS, but no passport or registration papers will be returned to you until the invoice has been paid in full.

Lineage verification and DNA tests

As from September 2017, in addition to lineage verification, all mares that are declared Ster and all mares with a foal accepted for registration also need to undergo DNA testing for hydrocephaly, dwarfism and the chestnut factor.

Please be aware that registrations requiriing DNA testing often take in excess of 3 months, particularly B-Book registrations.

Click here to read more on situations that require lineage verification/DNA tests.

Naming of foals

Names of all foals born in a specific year must always begin with a set, prearranged letter. Each year these letters will be specified by the KFPS. For each annual crop of foals names of fillies may only be used once. A maximum of 30 characters is allowed for names, stable names included. Names must be relatively simple, ideally consisting of a single word. Abbreviations of farm names or initials are not allowed to precede a name, but may follow the name. Names need not be Dutch.

Please refer to the Foal Registration Pack for more details on naming KFPS Registered Friesian foals.

You may apply to the KFPS for a protected stable-name as a suffix to your foal's name, however there is an annual fee for this.

Grading a Foal

Unless distance or other constraints make it impossible, all foals must be judged in the year of their birth. Foals are judged by the side of their dams and may receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd or no premium. The original Birth confirmation document must accompany the foal to the judging.

The minimum age for judging foals is six weeks. Presenting foals younger than six weeks for inspections is done entirely at the owner's risk. Click here to read more about Inspections and grading a foal.

If you have any further questions regarding Foal registration, please contact Vicki Knapp -




It is the breeder's sole responsibility to ensure that the foal is fully registered with the KFPS before sale. Please do not sell foals on without all the relevant paperwork in place.