Inspections 2014

Official Friesian Inspections - 23rd & 24th August 2014 at Myerscough International Arena, Preston

The Saturday was a mix of fascinating talks, clinics, stable tours and displays of horses 'dancing' to music. Expert saddle maker Sybren Minkema, who had travelled from Holland especially for the event, gave a demonstration on how to measure a horse for a saddle on a very patient live model, Renske. Later in the day Sybren gave a stunning display of carriage driving with a willing and experienced Hidde from Black Horses Ltd. Sybren had only worked with Hidde once before and some of his commands in Dutch appeared to momentarily get lost in translation by English hearing Hidde! Yet after only a few laps round the arena, they appeared to be in tune and Sybren had the horse working to his commands using the reins and only the slightest whisp-flick of the whip. The expert Friesian handler and trainer, Jolanda Schreuder, shared her extensive knowledge of taking horses through the grading process and her hands-on schooling clinics proved extremely popular. Jolanda has a special intuition, and it was fascinating watching her make an instant connection with a horse she had never met before, and command their respect. These sessions were particularly appreciated by young riders, who had not been through the grading process before.

"The official inspections give owners the opportunity to bring their Friesian to be assessed by the jury of the KFPS," said the FHAGBI President, Tracey Venter. "We were delighted to welcome the Director of the KFPS, Ids Hellinga, and the expert judges and official inspectors, Bauke De Boer and Annemieke Brak-Elsinga, who had all travelled from Holland to grade this year's entrants. "Unlike gradings for other horse breeds, which usually take place away from the public view, we encourage people to come and enjoy watching these magnificent horses being put through their paces. "We are passionate about raising the profile of the breed and some of the committee members are breeders and trainers, so we can offer help and advice to people who may be interested in owning or caring for a Friesian."

The main event took place on the Sunday with the all-important Official Studbook Inspections and Grading of mares, foals, stallions & geldings.


Official Friesian Inspections 2014

  • [01] Tomek (owner Ian Garbett) - Second premie
  • [02] Valori Fan Withers Farm (owner Dean Manders) - First premie Best Foal and very close championship runner up
  • [03] Taman (owner Kevin Swift) - Second premie
  • [04] Tetske Fan Withers Farm (owner Dean Manders) - Second premie
  • [05] Tessa (owner Ian Garbett) - Second premie
  • [06] Viola Fan Withers Farm (owner Dean Manders) - Second premie
  • [07] Treina (owner Ian Garbett) - Second premie
  • [08] Vrolijk (owner Elizabeth Hynes) - Second premie
  • [09] T. Pre-Madonna Missy (owner Genna Griffiths) - Second premie
  • [10] Richt fan ‘e Butemare (owner Terry Sykes) - Third premie
  • [11] Saskia (owner Elaine Simpson) - Second premie and best yearling
  • [12] Sunny van Bezem (owner Julie Long) - Third premie
  • [13] Tooske van de Oude Kleefsebaan (owner Julie Long) - Stud book no premie
  • [14] Anne Janneke f. it Huningspaed (owner Clare Gangadeen) - Stud book third premie
  • [15] Deutzen P. (owners R & T Venter and L Postma] - Stud book third premie
  • [16] Demy van Gosveld (owner Michelle Whitehead) - Star stud book second premie
  • [17] Dibbrich L. (owners R & T Venter and L Postma] - Star stud book second premie
  • [18] Elbrich fan Wolsum (owner Jamie Houghton) - Stud book no premie
  • [19] Hinke Fay (owner Jenny Dash) - Nothing as walk irregular
  • [20] Trynke v. Jonkershuzen (owner Elizabeth Hynes) - No star
  • [21] Wyts fan Butemare (owner Toby Templer) - No star
  • [22] Annick ut ‘e Leanen (owner Clare Gangadeen) - Third premie but no star
  • [23] Anke fan Nes (owner Faye O’Hara) - No star
  • [24] Berber L. (owners R & T Venter) - Crown, Champion Mare first premie & Overall Champion
  • [25] Omke (owner Dean Manders) - Second premie
  • [26] Gjerrijt fan de Oud Wei (owner Helen Sinclair) - Stud book no premie as too short, Best Gelding
  • [27] Hessel (owner Terry Sykes) - No star but Best Stallion

IBOP Performance tests 2014

  • [31] Hessel (owner Terry Sykes) 6.5,6.5,6.5,6,6,6.5,7 total 70.5
  • [32] Anja (owners R & T Venter and L Postma) 8,7,6.5,7,7.5,6,6.5 total 77.5
  • [33] Anne Janneke f. it Huningspaed (owner Clare Gangadeen) 6,6,5,5.5,6,5.5,6 total 62.5
  • [34] Anke fan Nes (owner Faye O’Hara) - Non runner
  • [35] Annick ut ‘e Leanen (owner Clare Gangadeen) - Non runner
  • [36] Elbrich fan Wolsum (owner Jamie Houghton) 7,6,6,6.5,5.5,6,6.5 total 65
  • [37] Demy van Gosveld (owner Michelle Whitehead) 7,7,7,6.5,7,6.5,7 total 75.5
  • [38] Hinke Fay (owner Jenny Dash) - Non runner

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