KFPS Inspections 2018

30th September 2018 at Vale View Equestrian Centre, Leicestershire

This year’s inspection we had the pleasure of not only the Inspectors, Sabien Zwaga and Laura Boelens and of course Pete Sibma and Johan van Es. We also welcomed the Chairman of the KFPS Mr Bert Wassenaar and the Inspections Manager Mr Jacques Verkerk. We had a good turnout of entries and it was lovely to see a large number of Friesian enthusiasts attend. Sadly the weather was not on our side, and the sun did not want to come out for us this time.

In the morning we had 4 IBOP entries, congratulations to Mr Terry Sykes owner of Mirabell v.d. All Blacks who achieved a score of 77.5, ridden by Kimberly Sykes. Sabien “ this mare showed a lot of flexibility and balance in movement”. Well done to all owners and riders who took part in the IBOP.

Foal champion went to Ishtar, owner and breeder Katrina Peett. Ishtar was awarded a 1st Premier with an 8 for racial type, a super filly and she certainly knew how to entertain the crowd.
An outstanding two-year-old filly Bynke fan Qalburgh bred out of Uldrik 457 x Leffert 306 who well deserved to take Young Mare Champion. Congratulations to Mrs S Watson on a splendid filly, Bynke was turned out to a high standard and she certainly shows a great example of the breed standard.

In the large group of four-year-old and older foalbook mares, the 6-year-old Maaike B. (Maurus 441 x Nammen 308), bred by L. Koornberg, was in the lead. Owner Tracey Alexander could take her home as a new star mare with a 2nd premie. ‘A solid built mare with a powerful walk who trots with a good use of the hind leg’ Sabien Zwaga summarised.
The 10 year old Crown Mare Anja has been Breed Champion for several times now in England. Sabien Zwaga: ‘Anja looked fantastic, she was in optimal condition/on top form. She is a well-preserved mare with a strong top line and rock hard legs. Her walk was remarkably good with great use of her body and her trot had a lot of power from behind’. Anja received an invitation for a second judgment during the Champion inspection. In the ring, Anja came out the winner and was awarded Breed Champion. On top of that, she was declared Model.
Anja was bred by Melanie Given. Owner Tracey Alexander does not only own Breed Champion Anja, but the reserve-mare Champion as well: Maaike B.

Champion Stallion went to Warre van de Coppelderije, Norbert 444 x Onne 376 owner Mrs Holly Rankin. Warre is a strong stallion with strong connections, he stepped strong on his feet and trotted easily, said Sabien.
A massive congratulation to Overall Breed Champion 2018Tracey Alexander and the NEW MODEL MARE ANJA. This is a fantastic achievement for not only Tracey, who has now produced two Model mares but also for FHAGBI too. Congratulations to Holly Rankin on Reserve Breed Champion 2018 with your stunning Ster Stallion Warre van de Coppelderije, a well presented stallion.

This year we had some fantastic sponsors, without their financial help it would not be financially possible to run the Inspections, so thank you to all the sponsors below.

Carriagehouse Insurance
Zoe Napier Group
Rachael Sivyer, Healthy Horse Physiotherapy Terry & Janet Sykes
Barry De Boer
Westways Carriage Horses Manders Friesians
and our main sponsor - Dickinsons Chartered Accountant


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IBOP Performance tests 2018

  • 036 Jente fan it Waad (owner Shelly Degnan) - 64
  • 037 Mirabell v.d.All Blacks (owner Terry Sykes) - 77.5 - Champion
  • 039 Olympia R.(owner Julie Rhodes) - 71
  • 040 Pelle (owner Annette Maher Jones) - 65.5