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Southern Inspections 28th 29th September 2019

September 2019

Keyso in Bedford was the chosen equestrian centre where this years` southern inspections were held. The venue was a spacious and well maintained livery yard with it`s own restaurant and tack shop along with huge indoor and outdoor arenas. Our Saturday evening kicked off with a hot meal and a very interesting talk by one of the Dutch judges, who explained what they are looking for in both the IBOP and inspections, he then invited questions from the floor on the subject of Friesian Horses. Sunday morning turned out to be a blustery affair with quiet strong winds and sideways rain, but this didn`t appear to cause to many problems as once inside the warm up arena the horses settled really well. Sybren was on hand to make sure everyone was ready and in place for their turn. He took samples of hair where DNA was required and checked microchips too. Once the formalities were finished, he ushered the eagerly awaiting horses through into the main arena. What an impressive sight that was, foals with their mummies, so adorable some smaller than the others. Then the older mares so elegant, with long manes and tails more powerful with age. The geldings were stunning and really filled the eye with their presence. Lastly it was the turn of the stallions, each and every one looking like a million dollars, WOW the quality of all the horses was exceptional and something we all should be very proud of. The owners and trainers were treated to an overall translation and explanation of the scores, remarks and comments from the judges, which Jolander did an excellent job of throughout the day. Constructive and positive feedback, was the general feeling with people knowing the best was wished for their horses and all the effort put into this special day. The FHAGBI board should be extremely pleased with the attendance numbers both in the Scottish and Southern Inspections, it`s without saying we all know the hard work which goes on behind the scenes. Looking at the comments which have been received on our Facebook page, I think everyone is behind me when I say, congratulations to Vicki, Michaela and Justine and yes not forgetting the committee members too, really well done.
Delia Harris - Members secretary


15th June 2019

Saturday 15th June dawned overcast and cloudy. People started to arrive at The High Corner Inn in great spirits and looking forward to the ride ahead. After a later start than planned we assembled in the car park for a quick chat and prize giving. FHAGBI had very kindly donated a gift for "best turned out" at the last minute, which came as a surprise to everyone. Alex Yudina won it as she turned out in medieval costume, complete with a stunning hand made baroque bridle for Merle.

All 14 horses left together but would separate once away from the gravel tracks, into the groups for the faster or slower rides with their guides Amanda and Tom Harvey. They hadn’t been gone very long before it started to rain and continued for the rest of the two hours, but, us hardy horse ladies and gentlemen wouldn’t let a drop of the wet stuff dampen the joy of the ride.

Rosettes were given out along with Stud Muffins for our stunningly handsome equines. Great fun, lovely people and smiles all round from everyone. Plans for next year are already on the table and we hope to include a beach ride over to Shell Bay. Sandbanks, where this award winning dune covered beach awaits us. More information to follow.
Delia Harris

English Inspection Clinic

June 2019

This FHAGBI inspection clinic, IBOP training and Drill training clinic was kindly hosted at Vicky & Dean's beautiful farm on the weekend of May 18th & 19th. Guest trainers from Holland, Yolanda Schreuder & Sybren Minkema led the training and lessons to a good turnout of members. Think a good part of my Friday evening was spent trying to locate them at the airport however we all arrived safely even after my Sat Nav experience to Vicky's before midnight.
Saturday morning Yolanda spoke to some members wanting to know more about Drill displays & then had us practicing a Drill routine on foot around the lawn which brought a few giggles to both participants and spectators. Next it was the turn of Drill Training on the horses in the ménage. Yolanda has an eye for seeing what looks good and gave suggestions to us to help refine the routine.
There was a quick outdoor bite to eat with refreshments outside as the sun was shining and then onto the inspection clinic. Everyone received a goody bag with a useful ring bound information booklet, pens and water and at the end a certificate of attendance. A power point presentation was given explaining what preparation & training needs to considered & consisted of months before, a week before and on & just before the day of inspection. Information was given on how to influence the walk & trot through training and members were encouraged to ask any specific questions they had. Thank you to Vicky, Michaela, Megan & Charlotte for keeping everyone topped up with drinks during the talk.
Yolanda gave a clipping & shaving demonstration on Megan Bomando's gelding Tux (Pier 448) who looked even taller after his legs were streamlined free of feathers down the cannon bone and around the coronet band with just a small tuft of feather remaining. He also had his face streamlined around his ears, eye sockets and under his jaw which enhanced his facial features.
A lunging session with a Pessoa was given by Yolanda & Tux to demonstrate aspects of the inspection training. Thank you to Megan for Tux's participation in the training. Aspects of the IBOP were demonstrated beautifully with Yolanda & Sybren coaching Roxanne and her 5 year old mare Boa (Norbert 444). We especially appreciated the enthusiastic bucks that were well sat by Roxanne and her guts for riding in front of us all....thank you.
FHAGBI new merchandise was out in display with people ordering and sampling the new colours.
The Drill Training didn't get away with skiving Saturday evening either as they went back into the arena this time on foot and in the dark to practice running the 5 min routine so that they had it ready in their heads for Sunday morning practice.
Sunday started off nice and early with another Drill Training session with Yolanda and then Sybren joined in on one to one lessons. Members feedback for the lessons was positive with each of them having plenty of useful insight especially from trainers with great knowledge and understanding of the Breed. Everyone had a great time meeting new members, socialising and having learned new information. The horses that took part were awesome and once again a big thank you to all who took part, helped and attended, especially Vicky and Dean for kindly hosting this fantastic event.
We hope you all enjoyed it and if you have any further advice or suggestions about how we can improve or what you'd like to gain from these clinics that you will contact us so we can build on from this event to help better support our members moving forward.
Justine Fieldhouse

Scottish Inspection Clinic

June 2019

The first Scottish Friesian Inspection was preceded by the first ever Scottish Friesian Clinic at my house/yard in Clackmannanshire on 15th June, 2019. Piet and Rianne Sibma kindly made the trip from Holland to give Scottish members the benefit of their extensive knowledge and experience in preparing the Friesian horse for Inspection. Their talk before lunch covered;
KFPS goals
Linear scoring
Finishing touches
All attendees were given a very useful copy of their presentation to take away. A good turn out of members meant there were plenty questions for Piet and Rianne. Liz Veitch provided some excellent home baking and together with Elsie Pollock-Smith, who was co-opted in to help, kept everyone supplied with tea and coffee.
Vicky and Dean, who made a quick trip to check out the Inspection venue at Howe, came back with the welcome sight of a mountain of sandwiches.
After lunch, Odin was a willing guinea pig for the practical demonstration of judging the Friesian horse, how to stand a horse up for the judges and to show off their paces on the triangle. Piet had a lot of interesting tips and tricks on how to make the most of your horse on the day and this showed why it was such a good idea to employ a professional runner. Odin was then lunged by Piet, who demonstrated the lunging set up he uses with both young and more experienced horses. Finally, Odin was let loose in the arena to show off his trot and he did not disappoint, demonstrating how lightly he carries his 17 years.
The other guinea pig for the day was Janine O’Connor’s lovely mare Cornelia. Piet demonstrated on her the clipping of legs, feet and head, to give the best overall impression.
A different type of Friesian to Odin, Cornelia provided an interesting contrast when she too was judged standing and on the triangle. She also enjoyed a blast around the arena to show off her fabulous trot….and how she could remove her bridle without even trying. Finally Janine rode the IBOP test under the direction of Rianne, who provided the audience with an insight on what judges are looking for in the IBOP test. Many thanks to Janine for bringing her along.
The rain just managed to hold off until everyone was saying their goodbyes and as the last car rolled out, we could reflect on a very successful day.
Helen Sinclair




May 2019

Each month one Gold or Silver Member will win a £10.00 voucher. This can be redeemed against;
Fhagbi Membership fee
Fhagbi Merchandise Shop
Fhagbi Inspections 2019
A membership number will randomly be pulled by a Director of FHAGBI, which will be posted on FHAGBI Members Page who the lucky winner is, FHAGBI will contact the winner to see which voucher they would like to receive.
This offer is only for the date 01/05/2019 to 30/04/2020.


3rd May 2019

The KFPS have made a rule change Sept 2018 with regards to inspecting yearling and 2 year old geldings. The current KFPS Inspection Regulations;

Article 4 Inspection Classes state that it is stallions that can be inspected in classes F and G, they have now decided that geldings can also be inspected at this age. This wasn’t considered before as it is more common in the Netherlands to keep colts entire for longer but they are now realising that this is not always the situation for the International Associations and so have changed the rules to include geldings also.

Article 4 Inspection classes
A.Examinations for entry in Studbook. Eligible are all 3-year-old and older mares which have been registered in the Foal Book. The minimum height at withers must be 1.54m. If both exterior and movement are shown to be of sufficient quality the mares can also be declared Star. In that case the criterion for height at withers is a minimum of 1.56m.
B.Examinations for entry in Gelding Book. The 3-year-old and older geldings which are eligible must be registered in the Foal Book. For registration in the Gelding Book the geldings must have a minimum height at withers of 1.56m. If both exterior and movement are shown to be of sufficient quality the geldings can also be declared Star. In that case the criterion for height at withers is a minimum of 1.58m.
C.Examinations for the Star predicate(= upgrading). Eligible are all mares and geldings which have already been registered in the Studbook and have a minimum height at withers of 1.56m for mares and 1.58m for geldings and stallions.
From 2016 onwards parentage verification for mares will be a mandatory component of the Star Predicate.
D.Premium inspections for yearling mares¹
E.Premium inspections for 2-year-old mares¹
F. Premium inspections for yearling stallions¹
G. Premium inspections for 2-year-old stallions¹
H.Premium inspections for 4-year-old and older Star mares¹
I.Premium inspections for Star geldings¹
J.Premium inspections for Crown mares¹
K.Premium inspections for Model mares¹
L.Inspections for colts and fillies
M.Inspections of 3-year-old and older stallions for the Star predicate. To be eligible for the Star predicate stallions must have a minimum height at withers of 1.58m. Stallions can be entered for the so-called Foal Book stallion inspections.
N.Inspections of mares for the Crown predicate
Star mares can only be declared (preliminary) Crown at the Centrale Keuring (Central mare show). All 3-year-old and older Star mares are eligible for the ‘preliminary Crown declaration’. Minimum height at withers is 1.58m. For permanent Crown declaration mares must have completed either an IBOP or an ABFP test. For both IBOP and ABFP tests the minimum result must be at least 77 points.
The average result for walk and trot must be a 7 with a minimum of 6 for each gait.
Permanent Crown status can also be achieved by obtaining the Sport predicate.
- ¹ These classes are only held at breeding days


April 2019

Due to personal reasons I am leaving The Board of FHAGBI at the end of April. I wish the Board and Committee every success for the future. I hope you will support them with entering your horses for this year’s Inspections in Scotland and England, building strong foundations for FHAGBI for many years to come. I will still continue to be a member of FHAGBI and I will still continue in my role on The KFPS Members Council until the end of my 2nd term in 2020. Wishing you all the best for the future with your wonderful Friesians.
Elaine de Boer

Horse Sport Prepares For Brexit


We have received the News Release below from the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) on what will happen after 29th March 2019.
From the news release there is NO mention of importing horses or semen from The EU and we have NO updates on this at the present time. We will give you all updates when we get them. I am aware of some of our members may be thinking of buying Friesians or importing semen this year and we will do our very best in trying to help you do this but for now we don’t know anymore than what is in the statement below.

FHAGBI has been involved for the last 6 months with a Studbook Associations Group in the UK who will be addressing these issues at a meeting next week with the BEF & DEFRA, we are not the only studbook who have these concerns. We will keep you posted. - Elaine de Boer


Although the outcomes of Parliamentary negotiations surrounding Brexit remain uncertain, the horse world has been working closely together to understand the implications for horse owners when the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019.

Leaders from a number of organisations from horse sport, racing, vets, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) have been developing plans for what needs to be done in case the UK leaves with no deal.

The chief concern for horse owners will be transportation. Our focus has been on the following areas: All horses leaving the UK to enter the EU will need a new type of Export Health Certificate (EHC) which would require blood tests signed off by an Official Veterinarian (OV) to confirm it is free from disease. EHCs would last 10 days and would accompany the horse and its horse passport. Requirements for movements to the rest of the world remain largely unchanged.

Developing a new type of Equine Travel ID Document. This would be needed, as well as a horse passport, for horses which do not have studbook passports or are not registered with an international body which governs sport or racing (such as the FEI).

Given increased demand, ensuring there will be enough Official Veterinarians and other experts and specialists, to carry out health inspections, blood tests and produce EHCs.

Submitting evidence to the EU about the UK’s health status so that the UK can be granted a Third Country status/category. This will determine the extent of the blood tests required by horses before moving.

The effect on transport authorisations, certificates of competence and vehicle approval certificates. The extent of probable delays at channel crossing points (Channel Tunnel and ferry ports) and the need for more Border Inspection Posts both in the UK and the EU, because of requirements to check horse identity and health certificates Tariffs on permanent horse movements.

A system to take over from the EU’s movements recording database (TRACES) to enable the UK to keep its own horse movement records.

Mutual recognition of EU and UK studbooks to preserve their registered horses’ ability to travel without the additional Equine Travel ID Document.

Availability and recognition of veterinary medicines British Equestrian Federation (BEF) Chief Executive Nick Fellows says; “The terms of the UK’s departure from the EU have not yet been confirmed but, given the serious implications for equestrian sport, we have been working closely with the relevant authorities. As soon as the situation becomes clearer the BEF will inform its members so that horse owners will be aware of actions they may need to take.”

Matt Williams
Head of Communications
British Equestrian Federation


The KFPS has decided to implement new rules and guidelines for Inspections. Please visit the link below to view the full details on the KFPS website.
Click here

Royal Friesian Pin for Julian Atkins

At the Annual General Meeting 2018 of The Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain & Ireland (FHAGBI) the Royal Friesian Pin was awarded to Julian Atkins. KFPS Director Ids Hellinga handed over a silver Royal Friesian pin as a token of appreciation for his 21-year commitment and dedication as treasurer of FHAGBI.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Julian for everything he has done for FHAGBI. He has been a stalwart of the association and promoting the Friesian breed in the UK. We wish him and his wife, Linda all the very best for the future.

Annual General Meeting 2018 - Saturday 17th February

The AGM will be held at the Ramada Birmingham Solihull Hotel, The Square, Solihull, B91 3RF from 12.30-5pm. You can buy a ticket for £10 that includes a sandwich lunch served at 12.30pm and tea or coffee from the Online Store. The meeting will begin at 1.30pm followed by a talk from Ids Hellinga, director of the KFPS. The AGM is open to all Gold, Silver and Bronze members to attend.

A new president - 2nd January 2018

The Board and members have been made aware that Julian Atkins will be retiring at the next AGM and because of this, a vote has been taken by the Board in accordance with FHAGBI’s Articles. It is the Board’s intention to appoint Elaine de Boer as the next President of FHAGBI who will take office at the close of the AGM in February 2018. We congratulate Elaine and all wish her every success in her new role.

Friesian at Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) 4th – 8th October 2017 at the Genting Arena, NEC Birmingham

We are pleased and excited to announce that FHAGBI were selected as 1 of only 5 breeds to provide a Horse and promotional stand at HOYS this year at the new “Meet the Horses Area” which will be a dedicated site located in the north west corner of the newly relocated HOYS Retail Village.

Justine Fieldhouse and her fabulous horse, Minno Fan Panyurs were selected from a number of splendid applicants from our membership and we offer our congratulations and thanks to her and Minno for volunteering to fly the Friesian Flag in front of an estimated 60,000 visitors.

So please put these dates in your diary and come and support/meet Justine and Minno and FHAGBI members who are volunteering at the stand whilst enjoying the other delights on offer at HOYS. I believe Justine will be pleased to provide autographs and Minno to pose for photographs!

Tickets on sale at but don’t leave it too late.


Due to circumstances beyond the Board’s control it is with very great regret that this years Inspections and Festival due to be held at Myerscough in August 2017 have had to be cancelled. Horse inspection and Festival entries together with physical resources available are all insufficient to make the proposed events financially viable. The Company's finances still remain robust and FHAGBI Members and members of the public who have already paid FHAGBI for entrance fees or ticket sales will be refunded in full in due course. Members will be aware that Wendy Mason-Smith has already stepped down as director and Julian Atkins has already confirmed his intention of standing down at next AGM. Tracey Venter has now confirmed to the Board that she will be standing down as director with immediate effect. This will leave the Company with only one director being Sarah Dobson as at the next AGM who will review her position at that time. As this is in contravention of the Companies Articles, Gold or Silver members are therefore invited to put themselves forward to act as Directors to form a new Board, to the Company Secretary as soon as possible and before the end of the year. Julian Atkins - Director and Company Secretary.

Drill Team GB at Warrington Show - 30th May 2017

The Friesian Drill Team GB provided a display at the Warrington Horse show on Monday. Thanks to the team of riders & their Friesian's along with Pamela Rigby who has supported and guided the team.