FHAGBI Rules & Regulations


  1. FHAGBI Recognition of the KFPS
    FHAGBI recognises the KFPS as the sole worldwide authority and registry for the Friesian Horse.
  2. The KFPS Recognition of the FHAGBI
    The KFPS recognises FHAGBI as its sole representative in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.
  3. Communication with the KFPS
    Registration procedures are now dealt with directly by the KFPS but all other issues with the KFPS concerning members of Great Britain and Ireland should be conducted through the FHAGBI Board.


  1. Categories of Membership
    “Member” means a member of this Company. “Full Member” means a Member who owns a KFPS Registered Friesian and is entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Company and recognised by the KFPS. “Friend” means a person who is not in ownership of a KFPS Registered Friesian and is not entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Company but may attend social meetings and be entitled to other benefits of membership as set out on the FHAGBI website.
    1. The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association of the Company shall be Full Members.
    2. Subject to (i) above, no person shall be admitted as a full Member of the Company unless (a) he/she is approved by the directors, (b) he/she is the full beneficial owner of a Friesian horse which is registered in one of the various studbooks recognised and maintained by the KFPS (hereinafter called “a Registered Friesian Horse”).
    3. Any full Member who either:
      1. Ceases to be the full beneficial owner of a Registered Friesian Horse
      2. Whose horse ceases to be a Registered Friesian Horse
      3. Who has failed to pay in full any of his membership fees or other fees or money whatsoever owing to the Company within 30 days respectively
      Shall as from any such cessation or failure (as the case may be), cease to be a Full Member (and shall revert to the status of Friend if appropriate).
    4. Every Full Member shall have a duty forthwith to inform the Board if and when he/she ceases to be a full beneficial owner of a Registered Friesian Horse and if and or when the horse he/she owns ceases to be a Registered Friesian Horse.
    5. No person shall be admitted as a Friend of the Company unless he/she is approved by the Directors.
    6. Members shall pay to the Company such membership or other fees as the Directors shall determine from time to time, on receiving no less than twenty-eight clear days prior notice of the imposition or alteration of any such fees.
    7. A Member may at any time withdraw from the Company by giving at least seven clear days notice to the Company. Membership shall not be transferable and shall cease on death.
    8. If the Board resolves to reject an application for membership, the person concerned shall be notified thereof in writing while stating the reasons. No appeal shall be open against the resolution of the Board of Directors
    9. The Board may cancel the membership if a Member has ceased to meet the requirements set to the membership by the Articles of Association and/or Rules, as well as if it reasonably cannot be demanded of the KFPS to let the membership continue.
  2. Applications for Membership shall be accompanied by a cheque, completed bankers standing order form, completed direct debit mandate form, postal order, Euro cheque or cash/bank transfer for the category of membership desired. Upon completion of processing by FHAGBI, but not longer than 30 days from the postmark date of the payment, the member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the membership category.
  3. Dues for New Members - In the calendar year of initial membership of FHAGBI, i.e. the applicant has never previously been a member, membership dues will be prorated according to the following schedule:
    • Joining January 1 – July 31 full amount is due
    • Joining August 1 – to December 31 35% of full amount
  4. Memberships are not Transferable
  5. All Categories of Membership may:
    1. Attend all membership meetings.
    2. Receive newsletters and general correspondence from the FHAGBI.
    3. Join the Members Only Social Networking pages
  6. Full Members have the privileges shown above in addition to privileges which include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Vote in FHAGBI proceedings.
    2. Be eligible for election to the Board of Directors, as outlined in the Articles of Association.
    3. Utilise the judging and registration services provided by FHAGBI in conjunction with the KFPS. These include but are not limited to:
      1. Recording of Micro chipping and registering of eligible foals.
      2. Recording the purchase or sale of horses.
      3. Judging horses for studbook entry, receiving of Predicates, Premies and prizes as awarded by FHAGBI, official sponsors and the KFPS.
      4. Registration document maintenance.
      5. Petition the Board of Directors on matters of policy or concern.
      6. Subscribe to Phryso magazine published by the KFPS.
  7. Responsibilities of FHAGBI Members
    1. Good Standing - To maintain their membership status in good standing, members are to abide by the Rules & Regulations of FHAGBI, to deal fairly with FHAGBI and its members, and to fulfil all obligations including timely payment of dues and fees. Loss of good standing will result in termination of membership and its privileges.
    2. Behaviour - Members must not act in a manner which brings FHAGBI into disrepute, nor which impacts negatively on the reputation of FHAGBI, its Board of Directors or its Committee.
    3. Use of FHAGBI Logo - The FHAGBI Logo is copyright and is not to be used on websites or promotional material other than those published by FHAGBI Ltd. without the express written permission of the Board of Directors.
    4. Use of other Logos - Use of KFPS, WFHO and other foreign associations logos – The KFPS, WFHO logos and those logos belonging to other foreign associations recognised by the KFPS are copyright and are not to be used on websites or on other promotional material without the express written permission of the respective studbook or association.
    5. Copyright - Information and photos provided on FHAGBI, KFPS and other KFPS recognised Foreign Associations websites or within publications (i.e. newsletters, Phryso, information leaflets) are copyright - they must not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of both the directors of the studbook / association and the author / photographer.
    6. Website and Social Media - Members must not abuse the use of the FHAGBI website, including its social media networks, for any commercial activities, or advertising activities, or for selling horses or items other than those formally submitted to the board for scrutiny prior to posting; the Board’s decision will be final.
    7. Advertising Horses for Sale - In order to advertise a horse for sale on the FHAGBI website, social media networks and in the newsletter:
      1. Private Sales: the horse MUST be KFPS registered and the registration paper of the horse must have been transferred into the current owner’s name.
      2. Trade Sales: the seller must be a member of FHAGBI / KFPS and must contact the board for approval of the advert. The advert will be marked as Trade and will be posted at the discretion of the Board.
      3. Adverts for Friesian horses on the FHAGBI website or elsewhere must be factually correct – e.g. age of horse, KFPS registration number, pedigree, register (i.e. foalbook, studbook, ster, b-book), health status, training level etc., Information on Premies to state whether the Premie was as a foal or as an adult.
      4. Photos and video clips must be of the horse for sale in that specific advert. Any member found to be continually and / or purposefully misleading purchasers via descriptions and photographs or videos will immediately have their membership terminated without the right to appeal and may be declined future membership.
    8. Selling horses without correct paperwork - Any Member found:
      1. Advertising or selling non-KFPS registered Friesian horses as being KFPS registered, or selling horses with false / illegal passports and registration papers
      2. Selling horses without passports or, in the instance of bi-book horses, without having applied for registration and passport
      3. Selling horses with false or misleading vetting certificates, or knowingly misleading a potential purchaser about the health status of a horse they are selling will have membership immediately terminated without the right to appeal and may be declined future membership.
    9. Disclaimer -The Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain and Ireland Limited (FHAGBI) and its officers shall have no responsibility (and whether or not negligent) for any of the contents of the FHAGBI Newsletter and Website Sales Lists or any adverts for Friesian Horses for sale placed elsewhere. Any persons relying or intending to rely on any of the contents of the FHAGBI Sales List should verify those contents and the contact number provided, with those placing the advertisement (whose sole responsibility they are,) and are also advised to obtain independent verification from others including an independent vetting. Accordingly, no claim shall be made against FHAGBI or its officers if any of the content of the Sales List turns out to be incorrect or misleading in any way.
    10. Advertising of former members’ horses – Ordinarily, only horses belonging to full members will be advertised but at the discretion of the board an advert for a former member’s horse may be accepted provided that the former member was in good standing with FHAGBI and acts in accordance with these Rules and Regulations in relation to the sale. Equine Welfare -Any person being or having been prosecuted for equine welfare offences or any person against which the FHAGBI board receives repeated valid complaints concerning welfare standards may have membership terminated with immediate effect without the right to appeal and / or be declined future membership.
    11. FHAGBI Breeding Policy - Members are strongly encouraged to abide by the FHAGBI Breeding Policy, which is as follows:
      1. Mares: Friesian mares registered in the KFPS Studbook, Foal Book or B-Book I or II (Bijboek I or Bijboek II) should only be bred to KFPS Studbook. Cross breeding to stallions of other breeds is strongly discouraged and no registration papers will be issued to the offspring of such breeding. Members who allow such cross breeding may be subject to disciplinary action which could include withdrawing papers from all their horses and expulsion from FHAGBI.
      2. Stallions: KFPS Studbook Stallions should only be bred to Friesian mares registered with the KFPS. Cross breeding of Studbook Stallions to mares of other breeds is not allowed and will result in the approved breeding privileges being immediately withdrawn. Members who allow cross breeding of any Friesian stallion or advertise a stallion as 'Registered with FHAGBI' will be subject to the disciplinary action mentioned under Mares above.
      3. Approved Breeding Privileges for Foal Book Stallions - Approved Breeding Privileges for Foal Book Stallions are no longer given within the UK and Republic of Ireland and will only be granted to those who pass a Stallion Inspection and are accepted by the KFPS in accordance with the standards set by the KFPS.
      4. Notification of Status Change - Members must promptly notify the FHAGBI Membership Secretary of any change in address, telephone number, email address or personal status as well as the change in status of any of their horses (e.g. birth, death, castration, importation, exportation or ownership transfer), who in turn will notify the KFPS.
      5. Spurious Organisations - Members should be wary of, and should not be misled by, any organisation that purports to provide registration services for Friesian horses. Such organisations might solicit FHAGBI members and might imply that they represent or replace FHAGBI. Members must realise that any legitimate correspondence concerning FHAGBI or the KFPS will clearly indicate that it originated from FHAGBI. Members should be careful with any dealings with such groups, in order not to jeopardise their or their horse’s standings with FHAGBI or the KFPS. Please note that any legitimate correspondence concerning FHAGBI or the KFPS will clearly indicate that it originated from FHAGBI.
    12. Termination of Membership
      1. Resignation - If a member terminates during the calendar year, no portion of the membership fee will be refunded.
      2. Suspension or Termination - Membership may be suspended or terminated at the request of the Board of Directors or by request and vote of the membership.
      3. Non-Payment of Dues - Membership will be terminated if annual Membership Dues are not paid by February 14th. However, until members have paid the current year’s dues, they are not considered to be in good standing and therefore are not entitled to vote in Association proceedings, have registrations processed, or receive other services of the Association.
      4. Reinstatement of Membership - If membership is terminated because membership dues were not paid by February 14th, reinstatement of membership will require payment of the full annual Membership Dues, without proration, plus payment of the Membership Reinstatement Fee.


  1. Amounts – Establishment of and changes to service fees, deposits, penalties and membership dues are approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Fees are due in Advance of Service - Where possible, all fees are payable in advance of services. Unless previously agreed no registration documents will be processed, horses judged or any other services rendered by the FHAGBI or the KFPS until the appropriate fees have been received and processed by the FHAGBI or the KFPS where necessary. In addition, to receive the services of the FHAGBI members must be in good standing (see Section 2.g).
  3. Delinquent Accounts with FHAGBI: The account must be brought current before any further FHAGBI services will be performed. FHAGBI reserves the right to refuse renewal of membership or to terminate membership in such cases.
  4. Administration Fees for Non-honouring of Payments. Any member’s payment which does not clear (i.e. non-honouring of cheque) at the second time of representation will be liable to an administration fee in accordance to bank charges sustained by FHAGBI Ltd.
  5. Cancellation Fees. Unless otherwise stated, fees for attending FHAGBI organised clinics / events / inspections must be paid in full in advance. In cases of non-attendance, a cancellation fee of all or part of the payment may be taken, unless a letter from a veterinary surgeon or letter from a doctor is submitted within 5 working days of the event, whereby at the discretion of the Board a refund may be given.


  1. Breeders Responsibility - The Boards of the Friesian Horse Associations and breeders together face the challenge and responsibility of improving the quality of the Friesian horse.
    1. Stallion Selection - Breeders should select a stallion whose conformation, movement, sports performance and pedigree will best complement the specific mare for the particular purpose for which the mare is being bred. A “Breeding Evaluation Guide: How to Select the Stallion Which Best Compliments Your Mare”, is printed periodically in Dutch in Phryso. In addition, 'A Stallion Selection Step by Step' is also available in English in the Members only section of the KFPS website.
    2. Inbreeding - In selecting a stallion, the mare owner has the responsibility to consider carefully the inbreeding coefficient and kinship percentage of the resulting foal. It is not an absolute criterion by itself, but should be considered in conjunction with other factors such as desired conformation, intended use, height, etc.
    3. Inbreeding Coefficients are shown on registration certificates of horses born after 1988. A low inbreeding coefficient indicates that a foal has few common ancestors, thus minimising the chance of genetic defects. The KFPS recommends inbreeding coefficients below 5 percent if possible. A simple rule of thumb is that in a foal’s pedigree, no one name should appear more than once within the first three generations (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents).
    4. Inbreeding Coefficient Forecasts calculate the percentage of inbreeding for foals resulting from the mating of a particular mare with a particular stallion. Members may obtain an inbreeding forecast for their mare(s) direct from the KFPS by requesting a member’s login from them which then gives access to their program on their website for computing inbreeding coefficients.
  2. Breeding Procedures
    1. Approved Breeding Methods - Natural cover and artificial insemination are permitted. Artificial insemination may include breeding with transported chilled or frozen semen.
    2. Breeding Certificate - Owners of Studbook Stallions shall maintain their Stallion Owner Record Book (dekboek) in which they are to record the date each time a specific mare is covered, when chilled semen is transported or when frozen semen is used for insemination. When a stallion owner receives payment for stallion service and related costs, one copy of the Breeding Certificate/Birth Announcement shall be forwarded to the mare owner with the Breeding Certificate portion completed.
    3. Birth Announcement - Following the foal’s birth, the Birth Announcement portion of the Breeding Certificate/Birth Announcement form will be completed by the mare owner. The completed form and the Foal Registration Fee must be submitted to KFPS within 30 days of the foal’s birth. Birth announcements posted more than 30 days after the foal’s birth must be accompanied by the Penalty for late submission of Birth Announcement.
    4. Naming the Foal - Each calendar year foal names must begin with specific letters designated by the KFPS. Names must be relatively simple, ideally consisting of a single word. Abbreviations of farm names or initials are not allowed to precede a name, but may follow the name. Names need not be Dutch. An application must be made to the KFPS with the appropriate fees for the use of a farm name.
    5. Birth Acknowledgement - After processing the Birth announcement, KFPS will forward to the foal owner the Birth Acknowledgement form. This document serves as a temporary registration paper and must be presented at the initial judging/chipping of the foal.
    6. Judging the Foal - Unless distance or other constraints make it impossible, all foals must be judged in the year of their birth. Foals are judged by the side of their dams and may receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd or no premiums. The original Birth Acknowledgement document must accompany the foal to the judging. If a foal is not able to be judged in its first year please refer to the FHAGBI for further guidance.
    7. Identichipping - The permanent registration of the foal, in the Foal Book, takes place after the foal has been identified (micro chipped). Only a registered veterinary surgeon of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons can implant the device. A vet must undertake procedures to detect any previous devices already fitted to a horse before beginning to implant a microchip. Legally, a foal has to be identified (micro chipped) within 6 months of its birth. Should the owner fail to do this, the passport issued for a horse older than 6 months will have a limitation (the horse will be excluded from slaughter for human consumption). The application form must be submitted no later than 6 days after the horse has been micro chipped to the KFPS who will issue the passports. All horses born after 1996 must have a microchip in order to be registered. This supersedes the tongue tattooing which was compulsory from 1989.
    8. Registration Certificate/Foal Book - At the time the foal is initially judged/ micro chipped the owner must relinquish the original Birth Acknowledgement document to the KFPS. It will be replaced with the appropriate KFPS Certificate.
    9. DNA Policy - All breeding stallions must be DNA tested – customarily at the time of initial judging. The DNA expenses are the responsibility of the stallion owner.


  1. General Registration Guidelines
    1. Eligibility and Method of Receiving Registration Services - All registration procedures and issues regarding Friesian horses in Great Britain and Ireland must be handled through the KFPS. Only FHAGBI members in good standing are eligible to utilise the registration, judging, and related services of the KFPS. Fees are due in advance of services, whenever possible.
    2. Buyers and Importers of Friesian horses have the sole responsibility to ensure that the documents needed to transfer ownership or register in-utero foals are forwarded to the KFPS.
    3. The Registration Certificate is strictly a statement that a specific horse has a recognised pedigree and the privilege of being entered in the official worldwide registry for the Friesian horse. It has no specific rights or privileges in conjunction with it and is not, in itself, a proof of ownership; buyers should obtain a properly executed Bill of Sale from the Sellers for this purpose. The Registration Certificate is not the property of the horse owner and can be withdrawn by the KFPS or FHAGBI for justifiable cause. The certificate must be returned to KFPS upon the death of the horse within 4 weeks to obtain refund of the papers deposit.
    4. The Appearance of Registration Certificates vary according to the birth year and registry of the horse:
      1. Foal Book and Studbook horses born in 1989 and later receive yellow and green laminated certificates.
      2. Horses born prior to 1989 received white, unlaminated certificates.
      3. B-Book horses born 1989 to 1992 have yellow and green laminated certificates which identify the KFPS register as “Bijboek”. This register has now been merged into B-Book I.
      4. B-Book I horses born in 1993 and later receive brown laminated certificates.
      5. B-Book II horses receive blue laminated certificates.
      6. D-Book. There is also a D-Book for horses with a FPDZ (German Friesian Registry - Friesenpferde Zuchtverband) sire to a KFPS mare or KFPS sire to a FPDZ mare. It should be noted that offspring from stallions removed from the KFPS register but then approved by FPDZ still go into B-Book II.
  2. Registration Fees
    1. A Registration Fee is charged for entry to the Foal Book, at the time the Birth Announcement is submitted to KFPS. A fee is again due each time a horse’s Registration Certificate is upgraded to show entry in the Studbooks, and in the Star, Model and Preferential Studbook Registers.
    2. A Document Deposit Fee is payable to KFPS prior to an owner’s initial receipt of a laminated Registration Certificate (i.e. when a foal receives a permanent registration document or a horse is purchased). This deposit will be part refunded when the original certificate is returned to KFPS as a result of transfer of ownership or after the horse’s death. This deposit applies only to horses with laminated Certificates (born after 1988).
  3. Transfer of Ownership
    1. Registration Certificate - To transfer the recorded ownership of a registered horse, the Seller (Previous Owner) must sign and date the reverse of the Registration Certificate. The Buyer (New Owner) must enter name, address and signature on the reverse of the Registration Certificate.
    2. Responsibility of Seller - The Seller must forward the completed Registration Certificate to the KFPS. If the Seller paid a Document Deposit, the Transfer Fee will be deducted from the Deposit and the difference will be refunded to the Seller. If no Document Deposit was previously made or if the Transfer Fee exceeds the Deposit amount, the appropriate fee must be submitted along with the Registration Certificate. The Buyer will not receive the Registration Certificate until the Transfer Fee has been paid.
    3. Responsibility of Buyer - The Buyer must remit the Document Deposit to KFPS if the horse was born after 1988 (see Section 5.b) ii). If the buyer is not a FHAGBI Member, they must join the Association in order to become a Recorded Owner and receive the Registration Certificate.
    4. Late Transfer Penalty - In the event the Seller does not pay the applicable Transfer Fee within 45 days of the date of transfer, the Buyer may pay the fee in order to accomplish the transfer. The Buyer will be reimbursed the fee when the Seller pays the KFPS the Transfer Fee plus the Late Transfer Fee Penalty.
  4. Registration of Imported Horses
    1. Registration Documents for Friesian horses registered with the KFPS and purchased abroad are identical to the documents for those in Great Britain and Ireland. Buyers should ascertain that horses they purchase abroad are registered with the KFPS and that the Seller is the registered owner or has valid proof of ownership. To avoid potential, inter country litigation, it is recommended that the Buyer obtain a Bill of Sale and the original Registration Certificate containing the seller’s signature, or ensure that the Seller has forwarded the Registration Certificate to the KFPS or the appropriate affiliate.
    2. The Transfer of Ownership of Imported Horses can be initiated either in UK or Ireland by the importer or abroad by the Seller.
    3. Importation of In-Utero Foals; Individuals who import foals in utero are responsible for obtaining the Breeding Certificate for the unborn foal.
  5. Duplicate Certificates
  6. To obtain a duplicate Registration Certificate, the recorded owner must submit to KFPS: i. A signed affidavit from the owner, satisfactorily explaining the loss of the original Registration Certificate. ii. A signed affidavit from the owner’s customary veterinarian attesting to the tongue tattoo or microchip number of the horse or otherwise certifying that the horse had resided with the owner for a certain period of time. iii. The Duplicate Registration Certificate fee. Duplicate Registration Certificates will not be issued to any individual except the recorded owner as shown in the Association’s records.
  7. Changes in the Status of Horses
    1. Castration - After a stallion is castrated, a signed statement by the owner showing the date of castration should be submitted to the KFPS. Without charge to the owner, the KFPS records will be changed to show the horse as a gelding.
    2. Death - Upon the death of a horse, the original Registration Certificate must be sent to KFPS along with a statement signed by the owner indicating the date and reason of death. If an autopsy was performed a copy should be sent with the Registration Certificate. The Registration Certificate will be cancelled and will not be returned. The owners of the deceased horse should not keep the Registration Certificate in their possession.
  8. Investigation of Validity of Pedigree
    Although any investigation into a pedigree is usually initiated by the Board of Directors, a member in good standing has the right to challenge the validity of the pedigree of any KFPS registered Friesian horse. The member making the challenge must submit the reasons for the investigation to the FHAGBI office together with a bond of £1,000. 00. Within 60 days of the receipt of the challenge FHAGBI will initiate an investigation with the KFPS into the validity of the pedigree which will be based on blood typing, DNA analysis or other method selected by the Board. The owner of the horse in question will be reimbursed any costs for taking samples if the pedigree is proven valid. If the pedigree is proven invalid, the bond will be returned to the challenger and the Board will determine the appropriate action and/or discipline including liability for the costs of testing.


In order to comply with Commission Decision 9/353/EEC FHAGBI declares that there will be no discrimination between members within each category of membership.


When submitting a complaint, the following requirements have to be met:
  1. The complaint must be submitted to the FHAGBI Board at the registered office while stating on the envelope and in the letterhead "COMPLAINT".
  2. The complaint must state:
    1. The full name, address, place of residence, phone number, date and signature of the member and if possible also the e mail address;
    2. A clear description of the resolution, acts or behaviour against which the complaint is directed, and where necessary accompanied by a description of facts and circumstances, witness statements and documentary evidence.

The receipt of any complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 14 days of receipt at the registered office. All complaints will be considered by a Director of FHAGBI. Wherever possible their decision will be notified in writing to the complainant within one month of acknowledgement. If due to the requirement for more time in order to complete investigations the Director will advise the complainant of the progress within one month of acknowledgement and their estimated response date.

Any appeal will be considered at the next available Board meeting following the receipt of the appeal at the registered office. The Boards decision will be final and given in writing to the complainant, within 14 days of the meeting. Should the Boards’ decision be split the Chairperson will have the casting vote. The attention of Members and other persons is drawn to the disciplinary provisions of FHAGBI whereby FHAGBI has wide powers to discipline Members and other persons in the event of failure to observe any provisions of these Rules or any other regulations, rules and bylaws made by FHAGBI.

All Members of FHAGBI are bound by its, and the KFPS Rules as amended from time to time and shall be deemed to have consented to all the provisions thereof by reason of all or any of the following:
  1. Submission of a membership application form followed by acceptance of membership.
  2. Submission of a request for annual renewal of membership followed by acceptance of such renewal.

Neither FHAGBI nor any of its Officials accept any financial responsibility for its or their decisions.

No Member of FHAGBI shall conduct himself in a manner or be guilty of behaviour which is derogatory to the character or prejudicial to the interests of FHAGBI and in particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) no Member shall behave in an offensive or abusive or unpleasant manner to any person at any event or at any other location where FHAGBI business is being transacted or via social media or the internet or via any publication in whatever format or via any other written or electronic format. Members’ attention is drawn to the FHAGBI Social Media and Internet Policy set out in Section 8 of this Handbook.

It is the duty of every Member to assist the officers of FHAGBI in their investigations of breaches of the Rules and an unreasonable failure or refusal to assist any such officer in such investigation will itself constitute a breach of the Rules.

Members are responsible for the actions of any non-members who are Family Members (as defined below) or who are friends or friends of Family Members or who are employed by them or assisting, supporting or representing them or otherwise acting on their behalf and any action or conduct of such non-member which would be a breach of the Rules were he a Member shall constitute a breach of the Rules by the Member concerned.

Family Member shall include a spouse or civil partner, a partner, a direct descendant or ascendant of the Member or his spouse or civil partner, brothers, sisters or adopted children of the Member or his spouse or civil partner, or any other person who is part of the same household as the Member or is in the reasonable opinion of FHAGBI a member of the Member’s family in the widest sense.


  1. Introduction
    FHABGI acknowledges the importance of the internet and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, home web pages, chat rooms, and all other forms of electronic communication and the role which “social media” plays in the day to day lives of members. This policy note is to remind members that the Rules of FHAGBI apply to members when using social media and the internet. Failure to adhere to this policy note could lead to disciplinary action being taken against a member.
  2. Using Social Media
    1. You should be aware that FHAGBI may from time to time carry out internet searches to identify postings which include references to FHAGBI and its members.
    2. FHAGBI produced images are the subject of copyright and should not be copied or used in social media without the written permission of the Board of Directors.
    3. You should ensure that any material that you transmit or post to social media is clearly stated to be your personal view and is not held out to be, or could be mistaken as, the view of FHAGBI.
    4. You must not post or transmit any material which could damage the name or reputation of FHAGBI, its members or former members, or which is derogatory to the character of or prejudicial to the interests of FHAGBI.
    5. You must not post or transmit any material relating to FHAGBI, members or former members or their horses or ponies, or which could otherwise be associated with or which may reasonably be attributed as coming from the KFPS that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, liable to incite racial hatred, discriminatory, menacing, scandalous, inflammatory, blasphemous, in breach of confidence, in breach of privacy or which may cause annoyance, distress or inconvenience; or which constitutes or encourages conduct that would be in breach of FHAGBI Rules, or constitutes a criminal offence, or which could give rise to civil liability, or otherwise be contrary to the laws of, or infringe the rights of any third party in, the UK or any other country in the world.

    Any breach of this policy note may constitute a breach of FHAGBI Rules and could also lead to civil and/or criminal proceedings being brought against you.